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Pastor's Devotional

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Pastor's Advent Devotion (Jacob's Ladder)

Ron The Advent Devotional-Jacob's Ladder

For this devotion, Pastor Ron teaches on The Advent Devotion-Jacob's Ladder...

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Pastor's Advent Devotion (Offering of Isaac)

Shane The Advent Devotion-The Offering of Isaac

For this devotion, Pastor Shane teaches on The Advent (The Offering of Isaac)....

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Pastor's Advent Devotion (Isaac)

Screen Shot 2020-12-04 at 4.05.28 PM

For this Devotion, Senio Pastor David Weber teaches on the coming of Christ through the story of Isaac....

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Pastor's Advent Devotion (Abraham)

brett blog 12-5

Join Pastor Brett for an Advent Devotional on God's Promise to Abraham, which is also for us as well....

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Pastor’s Advent Devotion (Noah)


For this devotion, Pastor Mike shares how the story of Noah points to the coming relief of Christ....

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Pastor's Advent Devotion (The Fall)

Ron The Advent Devotional-The Fall

For this Advent devotion, Pastor Ron teaches on The Fall....

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Pastor's Advent Devotion (Creation)

Shane Advent Devotion-Creation

For this Pastor's Advent Devotion, Pastor Shane teaches on Creation....

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Pastor's Advent Devotion (The Stump of Jesse, Isaiah 11)

David Pastor's Advent Devotion-The Stump of Jesse

For this devotion, Pastor David teaches on The Stump of Jesse in our season of Advent....

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Pastor’s Devotion: The Lord’s Prayer (For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever


Using the Lord's Prayer as a model to pray (From Insourcing by Randy Pope): 1. God's Honor: acknowledging his worth, glory and majesty. "Our Father in heaven, hallowed is your name." 2. God's Kingdom: acknowledging his priority in the world and in your life. "Your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven." 3. God's Provision: acknowledging ...

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Thanksgiving 2020 Meditation

blog photo TDay

Join Pastor Brett for a Thanksgiving Meditation from Luke 17:11-19....

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