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Children's Sunday School

Our Children's Sunday School Program, which runs each Sunday from 9:45 - 10:40 AM, begins with the nursery and continues on, taking our young people through the completion of fourth grade.

Beginning in the nursery, children are introduced to the gospel through an atmosphere of loving Christian care. At age two, the children are moved from the Toddler room to the Two YO "Duckling" class where they learn of God's love and care through the use of Biblical stories, songs and games. Three-year-olds, "Bumble Bees" learn Bible songs, where they come from and what they mean. The Four YO, Pre-K children's class is more structured with Bible lessons, memroy verses and learning the Catechisms. From that point on, children are promoted yearly (the first Sunday in September) as they continue their systematic study of God and His Word. 

  • Infants (Room #101)
  • 1 Year Olds (Room #102)
  • 2 Year Olds (Room #109)
  • 3 Year Olds (Room #105)
  • 4 Year Olds (Room #114)
  • Kindergarten (Room #301)
  • 1st and 2nd Grade (Room #302)
  • 3rd Grade (Room #308)
  • 4th Grade (Room #304)

Download a map of our building.

Download the Sunday School Registration Form