Our Sunday School communities are learning hubs where the truth of God's Word is taught and applied together. Each semester, we offer a wide selection of C.O.R.E. classes for our Sunday School communities.  We offer C.O.R.E. classes in the areas of Christian living, Orthodoxy, Reach (Mission), and Exposition. 

In person options/locations

     • Nursery (5 months-3-year-old) meet in the following rooms:
     • Infant 5 months - 1-year-old not walking meet in Lower Level room 100
     • 1-year-olds who are walking well and 2-year-olds meet in Lower Level room 109
     • 3-year-olds meet in Lower Level room 105
     • Pre-K, Kindergarten, and First Grade meet on the Third Floor Room 301
     • Second, Third, and Fourth Grade meet on the Third Floor room 304

CLUB 56:
Topic: Radically Different
Leaders: Brian Nash and Treasa Plude
Room: 207
Description: Because of sin, life and relationships are complicated, and each and every day is full of challenges. By examining life through the biblical lenses of Creation, Fall, and Redemption, students will learn how God s Word untangles the twists of life and live in community with one another. 
Topic: James
Leaders: Moose and Carrie Pierce and Brad Weaver:
Room: 321
Description: James is a book of practical wisdom that teaches Christians what it means to follow Jesus. This epistle addresses the relationship between faith and works, and James wrote to remind Christians that both are needed. James also criticizes the "double-mindedness" and worldliness that some members had fallen into, and rebukes them for trying to serve both God and the world. This class will provide helpful application and guidance for our students as they seek to live out their faith.
Topic: Reading and Praying Through Hebrews
Leaders: Lissa Hull and Levi Martin
Room: 324
Description: In six weeks this class will read and pray through the book of Hebrews. This is an opportunity to see the importance of studying, knowing, and meditating upon the Word of God.
Topic: Prodigal God Video Series
Leaders: Shane and Laura Whelan
Room: 320
Description: Two sons, one who kept the rules religiously, and one who broke them all. One Father who loved both lost sons beyond anything they could imagine. Discover how deep and far God's grace goes and see how The Prodigal God is a revelation of the very heart of the gospel: God's radical love for sinners of every kind.

     • College Hour will meet in the Campus Outreach House at 2436 Rivermont Avenue
     • 20 Somethings+ will meet in the Fellowship Hall room A.


Adult Home Builders Class: 
Location: Fellowship Hall Main Room

The class will study selected, favorite Psalms of our class leaders.  Each Sunday will be a stand-alone class to accommodate summer vacations.  Psalms contain the entire range of human emotion, from the highest points of joy and thanksgiving to the lowest points of depression and loss and everything in between. As we study these songs of scripture we will consider how these guide our emotions and inform our passion for Jesus and His gospel mission.

Teachers: Bert & Christy Murphy, Michael & Heather Hall and Evan Harris  

Adult Class: Westminster Confession

Location: Chapel

Description: Continuing our study of historic creeds and councils, we now delve deeper into the Westminster Assembly (1646) and the Confession of Faith.  These serve as the standard for doctrinal orthodoxy at Rivermonth EPC.  Our focus includes the doctrines but we emphasize the historic context, long-term struggles for doctrinal clarity, and modern-day applications for Reformed denominations.  

Teachers: Carey Roberts, Ken Bradford, Scott Amos, Bruce Bell 

Adult Class: 2 Thessalonians

Location: Discipleship Wing #206

Description: This is the end of the world as we know it…or is it? The Thessalonian church wrestled with a right understanding of Christ's return and the Day of the Lord. In this Sunday school, we will not only talk about “that day” but also how to live daily for the sake of God’s kingdom. Through this study “may God may make you worthy of His calling and may fulfill every resolve for good and every work of faith by His power,” (2 Thessalonians 1:11).

Teachers: Eric Vess, Lori Flowers, Shawn Morrison, Pastor Mike Palombo, and Elke Cox

Adult Class: Genesis
Room Discipleship Wing #201 

"In the beginning ..."  Those words evoke numerous questions for all of us searching for the origins of God's creation and man's early walk with the Lord.  This discussion class will march through the entire book of Genesis in multiple quarters.  We will struggle with those topics ranging from original sin to family relationships that permeate Genesis. Class discussion is highly encouraged. Join us as we study the beginning of man and woman's long walk with God.  

Leaders: Randy Davy, Doug Lane, Beth Doan, Tom Thomas    

Adult Class: I & II Peter
Room: John Knox Room

“Be all the more diligent to make your calling and election sure" (II Peter 1:10) Join the John Knox class for an in-depth study of I & II Peter. The themes of these epistles - perseverance in the face of harassment, slander, ostracism, and persecution for the cause of Christ - are as relevant today as they were in the First Century AD. Join us as we study God's Word so that we can find the strength to stand firm, endure trials, and rejoice in Him!

Leaders: Chris Smith, Bruce Bell, Phyllis Workman, Scott Hall, & Sherry Day