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Sunday School

As we begin re-entry for Sunday School during this Coronavirus season, we will have a combination of In-Person Sunday school, Hybrid Sunday School (both live and Zoom), and Zoom Sunday School classes. Sunday School will go from 9:45-10:45am. See below for more details.

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Our Sunday School communities are learning hubs where the truth of God's Word is taught and applied together.

Each semester, we offer a wide selection of C.O.R.E. classes for our Sunday School communities.  We offer C.O.R.E. classes in the areas of Christian living, Orthodoxy, Reach (Mission), and Exposition. Sunday School takes place every Sunday from 9:45am to 10:45am.

In person options/locations


  • Nursery (5 months-4-year-old) will meet on the lower level in the nursery area and will need to sign up through Sign-up Genius
  • Pre K- First Grade will meet on the third floor in room 301
  • Second-fourth grade will meet on the third floor in room 304


  • Club 56 (5th and 6th grade) will meet in room 207 in the Discipleship Wing. 
  • Youth (7th-12th grade) will meet in the Quinlan room in the Discipleship Wing. This will also available on Zoom for those staying at home.


  • College Hour will meet in the Campus Outreach House at 2436 Rivermont Avenue. 
  • 20 Somethings+ will meet in the Fellowship Hall rooms A and B.  
  • Adult Live Enjoying God: John Knox Room (large room down the hall from the Sanctuary).
    • Learn how dwelling on the Holy Trinity will enrich your spiritual life and answer enduring questions about the faith. (Carey Roberts, Chris Smith, Bruce Bell, and Phyllis Workman)
  • Adult Live Gospel of Luke: The Chapel
    • Come and discuss the Gospel of Luke as we seek to understand the words and actions of Jesus Christ.  (Doug Lane, Randy Davy, Beth Doan, Tom Thomas)
  • Adult Hybrid Romans: Fellowship Hall
    • Learn how the glory, grace and power of the Gospel to change our life and direct our mission.  (Bert Murphy, Michael and Heather Hall, and Chuck Shaughnessy)
  • Adult Hybrid Gentle Answer: Discipleship Wing 203-204
    • Learn how we can know and reflect the gentleness of Jesus in our culture of outrage.  (Pastor Mike, Lori Flowers, Eric Vess, Elke Cox)

 Zoom Hybrid Sunday School:

  • Adult Home Builders Romans Study in the Fellowship Hall and through Zoom.
  • Adult Hybrid Gentle Answer in discipleship wiring 203-204 and through Zoom.