Our Sunday School communities are learning hubs where the truth of God's Word is taught and applied together. Each quarter, we offer a wide selection of C.O.R.E. classes for our Sunday School communities.  We offer C.O.R.E. classes in the areas of Christian living, Orthodoxy, Reach (Mission), and Exposition. 


     • Infant (Lower Level Room #101) 
     • 1-year-olds who are walking (Lower Level room 102)
     • 2-year-olds (Lower Level Room #109) 
     • 3-year-olds (Lower Level Room #105) 
     • Pre-K-Kindergarten (Third Floor Room #301)
     • 1st - 2nd Grade (Third Floor Room #302)
     • 3rd -  4th Grade (Third Floor Room #308)


CLUB 56:

Leaders: Brian Nash, Treasa Plude, and Marc Jantomaso
Location: Room 207
Topic: How Majestic Is Your Name

Description: The names of God in the Bible are a reflection of His character, which is so glorious that He cannot be described by a single name. His character is communicated in hundreds of names progressively revealed in the Bible. But the focus of How Majestic Is Your Name is not the many names, titles and references to God. These are merely the structure to show the greatness of our God. Each lesson will present glorious truths about God and encourages students to see and rejoice in His goodness and greatness.


Leaders: Lissa Hull and April Weber
Location: Youth House Room #322
Topic: The Sermon on the Mount

Description: What does it mean to "seek first the kingdom of God" in our relationships, values, ambitions, finances and commitments? Jesus' answer to these questions amazed those who first heard the Sermon on the Mount. Students will see how Jesus exposes more and more of our sinfulness, yet gently comforts us as well with the good news of the gospel.

9TH-10th GRADE:

Leaders: Moose Pierce, Andrew Shields, Brad Weaver, & Joe Eskridge
Location: Youth House Room #324
Topic: Judges

Description: Judges takes us to a time of murder and massacre, immorality and unfaithfulness. But it also reveals to us the God of mercy and long-suffering, who rescues his people time and again. This dark, difficult period of history points us to the wonderful message of the gospel and our greatest rescue, Jesus Christ.


Leaders: Shane and Laura Whelan
Location: Youth House Room #321
Topic: Genesis

Description: Genesis sets the scene for the whole of the Bible and addresses the whole human race. It insists that the one and only God was responsible for bringing everything into being. Also, running through Genesis, from Adam and Eve to Joseph and his brothers, is the theme of grace, and God’s mercy despite human sin. So come and learn about the God who created all things and loves us too much to leave us alone!


20 Somethings +:
(For singles or marrieds with no children from 22 to 30's)

Leaders: Ryan Pickard, Grant Barkley, Tessa Sydnor & Caleb Wade
Location: Fellowship Hall Room A.
Topic: Esther and Ruth

Description: Esther and Ruth: Two books in the Bible are named after women: Ruth and Esther. While these women lived many centuries apart, their stories display how God works his divine providence to bring forth His plan of redemption. Join us as we study these women's stories and see how even though we may not understand how we fit exactly into God's plan, He is using each of our lives to bring about a greater story with an eternal ending.

Home Builders Class:
(For Parent(s) with youngest child in Middle School or below)

Leaders: Bert & Christy Murphy, Michael & Heather Hall, and Evan & Katie Harris
Location: Fellowship Hall Main Room
Topic: 1 & 2 Corinthians

Description: Does it seem like there are just too many problems in the church today? Unfortunately, from the very beginning, Christians have been engaged in an all out spiritual war resulting in problems in every church. Paul wrote multiple letters to the Corinthians addressing problems of division and distortion of doctrine.  Starting in January, the Homebuilders Sunday school class will be studying two of these letters, 1 & 2 Corinthians. Join us as we seek to gain God’s wisdom in dealing with challenges in our church today.

Adult Class:

Leaders: Carey Roberts, Ken Bradford, Scott Amos, Bruce Bell
Location: Chapel
Topic: The Cross of Christ

Description: How can God bring triumph out of defeat, or redemption from humiliation and tragedy?  The heart of the Gospel rests on God using the cross - a symbol of treachery and punishment - to bring about our salvation and victory over sin.  John Stott's The Cross of Christ guides our study this winter as we explore Christ's work to atone for our sins and how it animates our daily life, worship, and constant thanksgiving for the Lord's mercy and grace. 

Adult Class:

Leaders: Eric Vess, Lori Flowers, Shawn Morrison, and Elke Cox
Location: Discipleship Wing #206
Topic: James

Description: Are you looking for a practical guide for Christian living? The New Testament book of James addresses everyday issues of living - how we speak, how we should think about wealth or lack of wealth, and how to approach conflict, sickness and suffering. James is, above all, wonderfully down to earth. 

John Knox Class:

Leaders: Chris Smith, Bruce Bell, Phyllis Workman and Scott Hall
Location: The John Knox Room
Topic: Amos

Description: Come join the John Knox class as we undertake a study of the book of Amos. Justice is a major concern in contemporary society, and this Israelite prophet proclaimed God's truth on that subject in clear terms that speak to us today. We would love to welcome you on Sundays as we look at this very important book of the Old Testament!

Adult Class: 

Leaders: Doug Lane, Randy Davy, Thom Thomas, and Beth Doan
Location: Discipleship Wing #201
Topic: 1 Corinthians

Description: The Discussion Class will study 1 Corinthians, Paul's letter to the church of Corinth addressing myriad problems with the church's misunderstanding of issues of marriage, sexual immorality, participation in pagan religions, order within corporate worship, bodily resurrection of Christianity, and social elitism. Paul explains God's gifts to the church in Christ of wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, redemption and love.  We plan to drill as deeply into the word of God each Sunday as the teacher leads while allowing time for class discussion. 

Foundations Class:

Leaders:  Jennifer Eaton, Ben Moomaw, and Alice Gordon
Room: Discipleship Wing #205
Topic: 1 John

Description: The Foundation Sunday school seeks to establish those seeking or strengthening a foundation in Christ.  This Sunday school would be a great place for new Christians and Christians seeking renewal in the basics of the faith. This semester we will explore how assurance in Christ launches us into a life of love. Come as a new Christian or come to encourage a new Christian in the foundations of the faith.

Adult Class:

Leaders: Rodney & Jan Suddith and Vance Pickard
Location: Discipleship Wing #203-204
Topic: 1-3 John

Description: Come, join us, as we explore and strive to apply truths shared by John in his letters. John wrote to address immorality, false teaching and the gradual eroding of the foundations of Christian living in the first-century Church. In society, much like ours, that scorned the Gospel and sneered at godly living, John encouraged Christians with a message forged from two words truth and love. Our hearts and our minds will be challenged and expanded as we study and grow from the timely message of 1 John, 2 John, and 3 John.