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Founded in 2017, the Blue Ridge Institute for Theological Education (BRITE) serves the church in all branches of Protestant Christianity by preparing its students to be more faithful and effective church members and followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. The institute seeks to accomplish this by teaching and equipping its students through a program of graduate level theological education, a variety of training seminars, courses, and conferences, with all content based upon the authority of the inerrant Word of God, the sixty-six books of the Bible, and committed to the Reformed faith.

A foundational desire for BRITE is that it would further the health of the church by cultivating biblically, historically, theologically-rooted churchmen and women who will take what they have learned in classroom, in internship, and in mentoring, and inculcate those same priorities in the life of their own local congregation–thus further bolstering the health and vitality of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ for generations to come.

Rivermont EPC is pleased to be a partner church with BRITE by offering our church building as the site location for Lynchburg. We are excited about the opportunity BRITE provides our members as well as those in Lynchburg who are looking for a quality theological education at a fraction of the cost of more traditional seminaries. To learn more about BRITE, visit their website