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Children's Ministry Announcements

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 We need YOU to
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Areas of service:

Sunday School

Children’s Church



         Vacation Bible School                    


  There are lots of things to do to minister

to our precious little ones.

Contact Ann Knight to find out more!

Go here to read devotions 2
"12 Tips for Baby and Toddler Spiritual Growth"
by Christian Ministry.           


We have a dedicated group of members who make up the One on One team. These volunteers serve our children who have special needs.
This group was started because we recognized that several children in our Church family need a one on one mentor. Someone to travel with them during their time at Church.
The team members:

  • help keep the child engaged in the lesson at a level appropriate for them
  • give the child one on one instructions for the classroom activities
  • and they ensure the environment is a safe and effective learning space for everyone.

Our goal is to help the child have a good experience in Sunday School, Children’s Church, Wednesday night Bible classes and Vacation Bible School. We want the parents to be able to attend classes and church services without worrying about their child.
We need more people to come alongside the current team in order to provide the coverage that we provide. If we can grow the team, then members will be able to serve once every four to six weeks providing one-on-one with one specific child.
New team members meet with the current mentors and the parents in order to learn how to best help our children.
Would you consider serving with this part of the body of Christ? Let Ann Knight know if this ministry is a good fit for you. She will be happy to work with you in becoming part of the One on One team.
Please email Ann Knight at the church office to find out more information or to volunteer.