prodigal son mission festivalWhen you hear the word festival, what comes to mind? You may have thought about a music festival, a food festival or maybe even our fall festival. The one thing that ties each one of these festivals together is celebration. Festivals are celebrations, whether you’re celebrating music or food or the season.

Jesus tells the story in Luke 15 of an unlikely festival honoring the homecoming of a prodigal son. The son has squandered his father’s reputation, his place in the family, his inheritance on questionable things and people, and his dignity working as a pig farmer. He returns a broken man who is lost and dead inside. 

Instead of throwing a fit, his father throws a festival when he returns. The prodigal son crumbles under the weight of his father’s grace and generosity. The one who was dead is now alive. The one who was lost has been found and restored.

This gospel, this message of grace and mercy, is God’s story to tell through our missionaries during our Missions Festival. I hope you’ll join us as these stories get told. I hope you’ll be able to see that God is far bigger than any obstacles or hindrance that keeps you from testifying to that gospel to your neighbor.

May this Mission Festival be a fitting celebration of God’s immeasurable love for the lost who are waiting to be found.

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