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 June 26-June 30


Be sure to attend our Family Celebration following VBS,

on Friday, June 30 | 11:30am - 1:30pm

(Hotdog lunch, bouncy house, and Balloon Dude Travis)

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Get ready to experience the Bible in a new way!  Imagine what it was like to live in the ancient city of Babylon- as a captive!  Think how Daniel and his friends felt when King Nebuchadnezzar II invaded Jerusalem and forced them to move to Babylon. 

What would it be like to be torn from everything and everyone you knew and loved?  You'd be immersed in a foreign culture as you studied for three years in preparation for service to the king.  You'd have to learn a new language, eat new foods, learn new complicated subjects, and worship new gods.  Or would you?  It would have been so easy for Daniel and his friends to try to fit in- to do whatever was necessary to please this new king.  But when it came to denouncing their faith in the one true God, they would have no part!   

No matter the consequences, they had the courage to remain true to God with astounding results that have served as examples and encouragement to Christians for thousands of years. 

Kids travel in small multi-age groups called Tribes.  These small groups (of no more than 10 participants and two leaders) travel together, worshipping, learning about Babylonian culture, exploring the Marketplace, visiting Daniel in his palace room, and digging into scripture. 

Day 1 Meet Daniel and hear how he and his friends are faring as captives in Babylon. 

Day 2 Discover how Daniel is able to interpret the king's mysterious dream.

Day 3 Find out what happens to Daniel's friends when they won't worship the king's statue.

Day 4 Watch as Daniel is arrested because he won't stop praying.

Day 5 Discover what happens when Daniel is thrown into the lion's den.

This unique, hands-on approach to Bible learning is one that kids and adults won't soon forget!