We exist that our world may "know the love of Christ...and be filled with all the fullness of God." Eph. 3:19


We seek the renewing of lives through God's compelling love in Lynchburg and the world.


We seek to reach out, grow and help others to grow as Christ-followers. This renewal happens as we grow not only in Christ but also with one another in community, as we worship together, and as we engage those inside and outside of REPC. We desire our ministries to pursue lasting change and renewal, which begins in the heart.


As Reformed Christians, everything we do is compelled by the love of Christ exhibited in his life, death and resurrection. This is the fuel for Christian living. We were dead in sin, yet God came to make us alive in Christ by the power of his Spirit. God's love, which brought us back from spiritual death to life, compels our own growth and sharing that life with others.


God has placed us in Lynchburg. Our mission begins here: in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and city. Each of us is involved in mission where we are, and we also partner with kingdom ministries around the world. We seek deep, long-term ministry relationships as the vehicle for change in our city and world.


  • Evangelical and Reformed - the doctrines of grace as articulated in our Reformed heritage drive us to be outward facing with the gospel. We hold the convictions of the Reformed faith winsomely and warmly.
  • Relationally Engaged - the Christian faith calls on us to be involved with one another in every aspect of life. We seek to be engaged both inside the church and outside as well, for the sake of the redemption of the world.
  • Applied Christianity - as covenant people, we are in process of being renewed by God's compelling love. Embodying this value enables us to understand that discipleship can be messy and is ultimately geared toward life transformation. We seek to value a lived-out faith, embodied in how we relate to one another and the world around us.