Starting May, 2, please useSign-Up Genius to register just the infants 5 months to One YO for the nursery.

It is our sincere desire to help our families participate more fully in the Worship Services by providing a safe environment and plenty of “tender loving care” for your little ones in our nursery facilities. Here you can be assured that your child’s needs will be lovingly met.
Nursery is provided during the Sunday School hour and 11:00 Sunday Worship Service for infants 5 months old through 4 YO/Pre-K.

Nursery families enter the building at the Locke Commons for check in. A staff person will take temperatures. If a child has a fever over 99° and/or nasal drainage for any reason, they will not be allowed to go to the nursery.

If a family answers “Yes” to any of the COVID-19 test questions, the child will not be permitted in the nursery. Example: “Has your child or anyone in your immediate family tested positive or been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19?

By signing up to come to nursery, parents agree to the following statement:
If someone in my household tests positive or is exposed to someone who tests positive to COVID-19, we will immediately notify Ann Knight, Director of Children’s Ministries. She will contact the local health department and follow their recommendations for the facility.

The staff person will provide a label for the children and an index card for the parents to use for pick-up. Index cards will be a different color each week. Parents will be issued a pager. One parent will be allowed to take their child to the lower level via the stairway. Both parents will be allowed to take more than one child. A nursery staff person will meet them on the nursery side of the glass doors.

Room location and capacity (based on guidelines from the Governor’s office)

Infants 5 months to one YO 

Room #100


      4 children

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Snacks will be provided during the Sunday School hour.

  • Bottles must be prepared before drop off

  • Water will be provided if a child gets thirsty.

  • Diaper bags permitted

  • Older children who are not quite potty trained should come in pull-ups with an extra pull-up and set of clothes in a zip-lock bag

  • Blankies, lovies, or stuffed animals are allowed

Staff will wear masks in the hallway but will not be required to wear masks in the classroom. This policy is based on the Governor’s mandate #63.
Tubs will be provided in each classroom so that toys that need to be cleaned can be easily identified and taken to the kitchen to be sanitized.

Pick-up following service:
Parents are asked to pick up the child following the service. The staff person at the table will collect the identification card and the pagers.

Volunteers with U mising
Please Sign up to volunteer so we will have enough adults to care for all our precious littles ones. Please complete this form if you have qustions about serving.