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"Missions is not a church department but a church deployment." - Pastor Brett Eubank

REPC has been fortunate to have a faithful and robust history of giving to missionaries and mission work around the world.  We support American missionaries sent from REPC as well as indigenous missionaries from other cooperating agencies.  Each year, our Mission Steering Committee identifies and approves these ministries to receive financial support from REPC.

Advancing Native Mission (Eric Vess, Yam Tamang, Sharon Moe, Eliya and Jyoti Pradhan, Warren Stewart)
Christian Health Services Corp (Drs. Dan and Priscilla Cummings)
Community Bible Study International (Charlie and Jean Driscoll)
CRU/JESUS Film Project (Dennis and Linda*)
EPC World Outreach (Phil and Diane Thrash, Robby and Joyce*, John and Carlene*)
Greater Europe Mission (Ray and Kay Baker)
Impact of Hope International (Murli and Usha Menon)
International Association for Refugees (Paul and Reinhild Sydnor)
Kontaktmission (Steve and Joan Tinsley)
Langham Partnership
Mojdeh (Daniel Kaboli)
One Another Ministries (Dorcas Harbin)
Pioneers (Brian and Yoko Broaduss)
Serge (Tom and Jane*, Oong and Elena Lee, Ashlyn*)
Sports Outreach (Humberto Alfarez, Aloysius Khyaze)
Teach Beyond (Tessa Sydnor)
Wycliffe/SIL (Chris and Lori Gassler, Phil and Catherine Leckrone)
Young Life International (Sarah and Phil Weston)

* - last name withheld for security reasons