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High School


Sunday School: A time of fellowship, worship, and the study of God's Word. We believe the Holy Spirit changes people through the Word of God, so the Scriptures are at the forefront of all our teaching. Students are placed in classes based upon the grade they are in. Here is what each class is studying this Fall.

  • 9th Grade: Confirmation led by Moose and Carrie Pierce and Andrew Shields: Students will be prepared and to encouraged to assume personal responsibility and individual accountability for their relationship with Jesus Christ and their commitment to His Church. They will offer a brief testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ before the Session; and to stand before God and His people in corporate worship and publicly profess, with sincerity, their personal faith in Christ.
  • 10th Grade: Apologetics led by Steve Mullen, Vance Pickard, and Earl Weaver: Using Tim Keller’s Reason for God video series students will learn how to defend the Christian faith. Keller addresses the frequent doubts that skeptics and non-believers bring to religion. To true believers, he offers a solid platform on which to stand against the backlash toward religion spawned by the Age of Skepticism. 
  • 11th-12th Grade: Biblical Worldview led by Shane and Laura Whelan: Since the fall and the effect of sin reaches into every corner of the world, Christians are called to participate in Christ's redemption of all creation and the establishment of His kingdom. Using the framework and theme of creation, fall, and redemption found in Scripture students will learn how to engage and live in a fallen world.

Sunday Night Live: SNL takes place during the school year and is a relational time of snacks, fun, and games. We believe the Holy Spirit changes people through the Word and relationships, so please come and enjoy spending time with each other. Please contact Shane Whelan for the schedule or you can view the church calendar.

Rivermont Fellowship Night: The Psalms led by Shane Whelan and team: The Psalms are undeniably beautiful. They are also difficult, and readers often come away convinced that tremendous riches remain just beyond their grasp. The timeless elegance of the Psalms, their depth of expression, and testimony to the greatness of God have enchanted and edified God’s people for centuries, so come as we journey towards a greater understanding and love for these sacred verses. 

636: A time for high school students to connect during the school year every other week from 6:36-7:16am. The boys meet at Biscuitville, girls meet at Panera, and combined meetings are at Bojangles. See the church calendar for exact dates.


  • Bowling and Dinner: Monday, January 21
  • Movie and Dinner: Friday, March 1
  • Summer Conference Fundraiser: Sunday, May 5


  • No Walls Picnic: Join us the 2nd Saturday of every month at the Hunton-Randolph Center on 12th Street from 12:00-2:00pm
  • Tutoring: You can tutor students at the Youth For Truth Center on Tuesdays from 4:30-6:00pm during the school year. If you would like to serve in this area please contact Shane 


  • Winter Retreat: February 8-10 at Eagle Eyrie
  • Modgnik: April 12-14 at the Rockbridge YoungLife Camp
  • RYM Mid Atlantic Summer Conference: July 26-30 at North Bay Adventure Camp
  • Serve the 'Burg: July 15-19

For more information about any of our opportunities or events please contact Shane.