Every week we rehearse the gospel through sequential liturgical practices which move us from adoring God’s glory, to confessing our sinfulness, to restoring joy in our forgiveness, to redirecting our life by God’s Word, to pleading for God’s help, and to devoting our lives to God’s mission all by God’s grace!  These practices form a dynamic dialogue between God and His people.

He initiates an invitation to worship .  .  . we respond in praise
He forgives us in the gospel .  .  . we respond in confession
He assures us of pardon .  .  . we respond in thanksgiving
He teaches us His Word .  .  . we respond in affirmation of faith and prayer
He provides resources .  .  . we respond in offering to Him
He sends us out in His benediction .  .  . we respond by living on mission

To learn more about how the gospel flows in each liturgical element and its corresponding formational work in our worship, download the document, Gospel Flow of the REPC Worship Liturgy