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Membership & Baptism

If you are interested in considering membership at REPC, the process is as follows:

Church Membership for Adults

  1. Attend the next Getting To Know Rivermont Class and fill out membership form.
  2. Schedule a membership interview with an REPC pastor and elder.
  3. Affirm membership vows before the church Session and congregation.    

Church Membership for Youth

Each spring, all ninth graders are encouraged to attend the Youth Membership class (also called Confirmation class), as the first step towards becoming Confirmed members of REPC.  

  1. After completing the class, those students wishing to pursue membership will write out and read their testimony before a Session meeting.
  2. Affirm membership vows before the church Session and congregation.  

If your child or youth is interested in joining the church, please contact Director of Student Ministries, Shane Whelan, to find out when the next Youth Membership class will be held.


Baptism opportunities occur once a month. Adults interested in membership who have never been baptized will be baptized when they join REPC. Children of adults joining can be baptized as well on Membership Sunday if their parents so choose. Parents who are already members can schedule a baptism for their child(ren) by contacting Janet Freshour.

Learn more about what we believe about baptism.