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Pastor's Devotional 1 Samuel 12:24

shane blog 4.14

Pastor Shane encourages us from 1 Samuel 12:24 to remember what the Lord has done for us as a motivation to serve Him faithfully as well as the forgiveness that comes through Christ when we don't serve him faithfully....

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Pastor's Devotional Valley of Vision

david blog 4.13.20

Pastor David shares an encouraging prayer from the Valley of Vision on the crucifixion and resurrection....

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Easter Season Morning to Evening Prayer

Easter Morning to Evening Image

This Morning to Evening Prayer guide provide a rhythm for Morning to Evening Prayer through the seven weeks of the Easter season...

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Pastor's Devotional Matthew 27:24-26

brett blog 4.10.20

Pastor Brett shows us from Matthew 27:24-26 that a failure to see and confess our sin negates the necessity of the cross, for if there is not sin, there is no need for Christ's death. May the cross grow bigger in our life everyday....

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Pastor's Devotional John 15:1-9

mike blog 4.9.10

Pastor Mike offers a needed reminder from John 15:1-9 that we are to abide in Christ through radical dependence on him throughout our life, but especially during this season of trial....

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Pastor's Devotional Luke 21:29-33

ron blog 4.8.20

Pastor Ron encourages us from Luke 21:29-33 as Jesus equips us to live the Christian life until he returns in glory....

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Pastor's Devotional 1 Corinthians 16:13-14

david blog 4.6.20

Pastor David encourages us from 1 Corinthians 16:3-4 to stand firm in our faith amidst the hardships we're currently facing....

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Pastor's Devotional Psalm 119:9-11

shane blog 4.7.20

Pastor Shane encourages us from Psalm 119:9-11 that the way we keep our life pure is according to God's Word....

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Pastor's Devotional Psalm 42:1-5

david blog 4.4.20

This video was written for Saturday, April 4th in preparation for Sunday worship, but because of technical difficulties, it didn't get posted until now. Watch as Pastor David's describes more of the pastor's reasoning for not enjoying communion together until we gather as God's people once again. His devotion comes from Psalm 42:1-5....

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Pastor's Devotional Matthew 11:28-30

brett blogo 4.3.20

Pastor Brett shares a devotional from Matthew 11:28-30 as he reminds us to keep social distance from others, but don't keep distance from God in this time. Come to Jesus and find the rest that your soul truly longs for....

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