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Preparing For The Lord's Day


Preparing for the Lord's Day

Jesus is Better

It has happened to me several times. I am working on a home project and mysterious footprints start appearing around the house. There is not an intruder. Rather I have again inadvertently stepped in paint or wet mortar and tracked it all over the home. No matter how hard I try to stay clean while I am working I always seem to get something on my hands or feet. Then I spread the mess of the project all over the home. I am sure that you have had a similar experience. You step in something and unintentionally spread it all over the house or into your car. 

In our passage for this Sunday the author explains that Christ cleansed the heavenly sanctuary with his own blood (9:23). It struck me as strange that anything in heaven would have to be cleansed. Is not heaven perfect? Is it not free of sin and death? Why would Christ need to cleanse this place with his blood? The answer is because he brings us into the sanctuary. The heavenly realm is clean, but we sinners are brought into the very presence of God. Therefore, the blood of Christ cleanses all that we might taint. He washes clean all that our sin soils. He makes us fit for heaven and he makes heaven fit for us. For Christ provides a heavenly cleansing for all his people that we might come into the very presence of God. To come prepared for the sermon, take time this week to read and to meditate upon Hebrews 9:23-26, Leviticus 16:15-19, Isaiah 6:1-7, Luke 5:31-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, 1 Peter 3:18, 1 John 3:5, and this article on the Three Appearings of Christ

This week we will celebrate that sacrament of the Lord’s Supper during our worship service. As we receive the elements of bread and wine look in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ. For as we physically receive the signs of the Lord’s body and blood, spiritually we feed upon him and all his benefits. Our hymns for this week include “All Praise to God, Who Reigns Above,” “Crown Him with Many Crowns and “Amazing Grace.” 

Sermon Information:

Text: Hebrews 9:23-26 

Title: A Heavenly Cleansing 


  1. You Must Know Why Christ Cleanses Heaven (vv.23-24)
  2. You Must Know How Christ Cleanses Heaven (v. 25)
  3. You Must Know When Christ Cleanses Heaven (v. 26)

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