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Preparing For The Lord's Day


Preparing for the Lord's Day

Kingdoms in Conflict

I am not sure why I do this. I guess that I am just lazy, or that I think that I have more skill with a paintbrush than I have. Either way, I have the habit of not changing my shirt prior to beginning a painting project. There is something within me that believes this time I will be able to control the flow of paint to such a degree that none of it will splatter, spill, or smear on my shirt. However, my collection of paint-covered t-shirts reveals the truth. I am unable to paint without staining my shirt. This is the way that cleanliness works. It is very difficult to keep something clean when it enters an environment of potential soiling. White shoes, never stay white. Boys’ pants get grass stains and girls’ dresses get marked up by markers. And I mention all this to make the point that it is very difficult to keep clean in an environment filled with possible contaminants. 

In our passage for this Sunday, we are given a contrast between two men, Gehazi and Namaan. From all outward appearances, Gehazi is clean and Namaan profane. Yet by the end of the passage, we find the exact opposite to be the case. And through this contrast of men, we find that true holiness must be inside out. To come prepared for the sermon, take time this week to read and to meditate upon 2 Kings 5:15-27, Ezekiel 36:26, Matthew 23:25, Mark 7:20-23, Romans 10:10, and listen to this past sermon on the cleansing of Namaan.

As we gather to worship our loving Father this Lord’s day, we will join our hearts in song, singing the Hymn of Praise “Alleluia! Alleluia!, the Acclamation of Praise “Jesus I Am Resting, Resting”, and the Hymn of Response “The Reformation Hymn.Let us come to worship this Sunday prepared to hear God’s Word, to receive it in faith, to love and treasure it in our hearts, and to practice it in our lives so that we may continue to glorify and enjoy Him! 

Sermon Information 

Text: 2 Kings 5:15-27 

Title: Inside Out Holiness 


  1. Inside Holiness
  2. Outside Holiness
  3. Inside Out Holiness

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