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Preparing For The Lord's Day


Preparing for the Lord's Day

Jesus is Better

Sometimes I am slow in making connections to things. For example, I've known two different people who are related. They even looked alike and had the same last name, but I was slow to make the connection that they were related. The signs were there, but it just didn't occur to me.

As we've been working our way through Hebrews, we've seen that these Christians coming out of Judaism have had a hard time making the connection that Jesus is the fulfillment of God's promise for Messiah...that he is the true Prophet, Priest and King of Israel. Even though the signs were all there, they missed them. The truth is sometimes we can miss those connections about Jesus in our own life. Even more so, we can miss the implications of those connections and our spiritual growth is lesser for it.

In our passage for this Sunday, the writer is continuing a section on why Jesus is the better high priest and he does that by taking a deeper dive into the nature of his priestly work on earth. He pulls back the veil to help us see how Jesus is the priest that we so deeply need. He’s the one we deeply need because he didn’t just make the perfect sacrifice for us. He became the perfect sacrifice for us. And because Jesus has fulfilled the role of high priest perfectly, we can trust him with all of our life, especially in our ongoing struggle with life’s weaknesses.

To come prepared for the sermon take time this week to read and to meditate upon Hebrews 4:14-5:10, John 17, Romans 5:12-15Philippians 2:4-11, and 1 Peter 2:9-10

As we gather to worship our loving Father this Lord’s Day, we will join our hearts in song, singing the Hymn of Praise “Rejoice! The Lord is King,” the Acclamation of Praise “Crown Him With Many Crowns” and the Hymn of Response “May The Mind of Christ, My Savior.Let us come to worship this Sunday prepared to hear God’s Word, to receive it in faith, to love and treasure it in our hearts, and to practice it in our lives that we may continue to glorify and enjoy Him! 

Sermon Information 

Text: Hebrews 5:7-10

Title: The Priest We Need


  1. Jesus Prayed For You
  2. Jesus Obeyed For You
  3. Jesus Died and Rose For You

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