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Preparing For The Lord's Day


Preparing for the Lord's Day

With the completion of the wall surrounding Jerusalem in Nehemiah 6, we come to the dedication of that wall in Nehemiah 12. As they set the wall apart for its intended use, the people fully knew that the protection and flourishing this wall offered would only be realized to the degree they placed their trust in God who is their true source of joy (Ps. 46).

Even though we don't have a physical wall offering protection and flourishing for us, God has given us a spiritual wall, a cloud of witnesses, who do that for us as we run the race called the Christian life by trusting in Christ's sacrifice for our sin.

And yet we'll also see that God intends for us to expand that spiritual wall to bring in the vulnerable (lost) in the Rivermont neighborhood...that they too might know the source of joy, which is God, the sacrifice of joy, which is Christ and the sound of joy through this church family.

As we gather for worship this Lord's day, we'll join our voices in praise of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as we sing the hymns, "Tell Out My Soul! The Greatness of the Lord," "Before The Throne of God Above," and "Behold the Lamb (The Communion Hymn)." As this is the first Sunday of the month, we'll also celebrate the Lord's Supper together, so come ready to meet with the God who has called us to himself.

Sermon Information 

Text: Nehemiah 11-12

Title: The Joy Heard Round The World 

  1. The Source of Joy
  2. The Sacrifice of Joy
  3. The Sound of Joy

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