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Preparing For The Lord's Day


Preparing for the Lord's Day

Jesus is Better

This past week athletes from all around the world gathered in Madison, Wisconsin to compete for the title “Fittest on Earth!” Started in 2008 the Crossfit games are a test of strength, speed, balance, and agility. Each of the competitors is put through a series of workouts. If one is the first to finish, hits the heaviest lift, or performs the most repetitions in a given amount of time he gains points. The one with the most points at the end of the week wins. The workouts are not announced beforehand and can range from Olympic lifts to open-water swims. The goal is to find the most physically fit man and woman on earth.

The word fit means suited for a task. When we use the word fit in relation to physical activity, we mean someone who is best suited to meet the physical demands of life. However, fit can also be used to describe those who are well suited for other domains. We speak of those who are fit for marriage or fit for parenthood. When deciding to hire a new employee the HR department is tasked with determining if the potential employee is fit for the job. In our denomination, we test candidates for ministry on the knowledge of the Bible and theology. We also test their ability to pastor and preach. We also ensure that they are morally upright. In short, we ensure that they are fit for ministry. 

Why do we do all of this testing to ensure that people are fit for the tasks of life, work, and ministry? If someone is not suited for a task then it is foolish to expect that they will succeed. The work will be left undone or poorly done if one is not fit. You want one to be fit for the task that they are given. 

In our passage for this Sunday, the author of the Hebrews says that it is fitting that we should have a priest like Jesus Christ. Why? Because Jesus is the only one who is suited to accomplish the salvation that we need. There is no one else in heaven or on earth who is fit for this task. In Crossfit, they find the most physically fit. But what we see in our passage is that Jesus is the fittest man to accomplish our salvation. Since Jesus is perfectly fit for the task of a priest, all who trust in him can have assurance of their full redemption. To come prepared for the sermon, take time this week to read and to meditate upon Hebrews 7:26-28, Leviticus 16:6-10, Hebrews 4:15, Revelation 5:9-10, and Westminster Confession of Faith 8.3-4

As we gather to worship our loving Father this Lord’s Day, we will join our hearts in song, singing the Hymn of Praise “O Christ, Our Hope, Our Heart’s Desire”, the Acclamation of Praise “See the Destined Day Arise”, and the Hymn of Response “The Power of the Cross”. Let us come to worship this Sunday prepared to hear God’s Word, to receive it in faith, to love and treasure it in our hearts, and to practice it in our lives that we may continue to glorify and enjoy Him! 

Sermon Information 

Title: Perfectly Fit


  1. You Must Trust the Fitness of Christ’s Person (v. 26)
  2. You Must Trust the Fitness of Christ’s Work (v. 27)
  3. You Must Trust the Fitness of Christ’s Appointment (v. 28)

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