Teaching Lessons

Confirmation: 2022
RFN Fall 2021: Revelation

• Week One: Revelation 1:1-8
• Week Two: Revelation 1:9-20  
• Week Three: Revelation 2 
• Week Four: Revelation 3
• Week Five: Revelation 4
• Week Six: Revelation 5
• Week Seven: Revelation 6 
• Week Eight: Revelation 7:1-8:5 

RFN Winter 2020: The Gospel of Mark

• Week One: The Problem Within
• Week Two: Who Do You Say That I Am?
• Week Three: It Is Good That We Are Here 
• Week Four: What Must I Do To Inherit Eternal Life?
• Week Five: The Triumphal Entry 
• Week Six: The Greatest Commandment

Confirmation 2020

• Week One: January 12
• Week Two: January 19
• Week Three: January 26
• Week Four: February 2
• Week Five: February 9 
• Week Six: February 16

RFN Fall 2019: The Gospel of Mark

• Week One: The Messenger
• Week Two: Repent and Believe
• Week Three: Head and Heart Knowledge
• Week Four: Our Deepest Need
• Week Five: Who Does Jesus Call to Follow Him?
• Week Six: The Family Of God
• Week Seven: The Sower and the Seed
• Week Eight: Jesus Calms the Storm
• Week Nine: A Radical Transformation
• Week Ten: Home Town Rejection
• Week Eleven: The Great Provider

Summer Sunday School 2019: The Big Picture

• Interview with Dr. Randy Davy
Interview with Dr. Lisa Sosin
• Interview with Michael and Heather Hall
• Interview with Dr. Carey Roberts
• Interview with Dr. David and April Weber
• Interview with Pastor Mike Palombo

RFN Winter 2019: The Psalms

• Week One: The Psalms Introduction
• Week Two: Psalm 8 Why does God care about man?
• Week Three: Psalm 22 For those who feel abandoned
• Week Four: Psalm 46 Nothing to fear
• Week Five: Psalm 51 Sin and repentance
• Week Six: Psalm 81 Listening is important
• Week Seven: Psalm 126 True joy
• Week Eight: Psalm 90 The Path to Wisdom
• Week Nine: Psalm 121 Where does our help come from?

Confirmation 2019

• Week One: Introduction and First Vow     
• Week Two: Second Vow
• Week Three: Third Vow
• Week Four: Fourth Vow
• Week Five: Fifth Vow
• Week Six: Wrap Up

RFN Fall 2018: Sexuality and the Gospel

• Week One: Why does God care about sex?
• Week Two: What went wrong?
• Week Three: What next?
• Week Four: Misusing the gift
• Week Five: What about the transgender and homosexual?
• Week Six: Where does dating fit?
• Week Seven: The gift of singleness and marriage


Center for Parent/Youth Understanding
Reformed Youth Ministries
• The Edge Conference
• Gospel Coalition
• The Good Book Store
• Covenant Eyes

Middle School Book Suggestions

Bite Size Theology by Peter Jeffery
Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis
• Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson
• The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

High School Book Suggestions

Fiddler's Gun and Fiddler's Green by AS Peterson
• Reason for God by Timothy Keller
• A Praying Life by Paul Miller
• Knowing God by JI Packer