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2018 Triennial World Mission Conference

 Mission Conference 2018

As we get ready to celebrate our 2018 Triennial Mission Conference, I am reminded once again of God’s mission for us, which is the renewing of lives through God’s compelling love in Lynchburg and the world. This mission statement isn’t just for the pastors. It isn’t just for the elders. It isn’t just for our missionaries. It’s for you too. It’s your mission statement as God calls you to seek the renewing of lives in all of “your world.” 

The theme of our 2018 Triennial Mission Conference is connecting mission from Sunday to Monday…from where you worship to where you live, work and play.  We want every member of Rivermont to see that mission isn’t something to add on to life. It’s actually the way to see life. It’s the very lens we see life through. It informs all of our decisions - where we live, who we’ll be friends with, how we’ll spend our money, and what career path we’ll take. This is the heart of missional living. 

But make no mistake about it; missional living is messy living. It always has been. It puts us out of our comfort zone. It tests our hospitality to see if it is genuine. Yet the God who calls us to such living is the God who equips and resources us for such living. The missionaries and speakers we’ve invited to our mission conference will not only inspire and encourage such missional living, they are going to help equip us. They are going to incarnate, make fleshy, missional living in a way that will bless not only us, but also “our world.”


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Wednesday, October 17
- Two volunteers to setup food table for RFN
- Eight volunteers to serve food
- One volunteer to keep the food table stocked
- Two volunteers to clean up food table

Sunday, October 21
- Five volunteers to make desserts for 24 people each
- Two volunteers to set up dessert table in Cheatham Reception Center
- Two volunteers to clean up dessert table in Cheatham Reception Center

If you can serve as a volunteer, contact Janet Freshour.