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Volunteer with the Children's Ministry


It’s that time of year! As Pastor Brett reminded the children last Sunday, "There’s 30 days before school starts!" Rivermont EPC's fall activities will be starting back up the first of September. It’s time to pray about where you can serve in the Children’s Ministry! Would it be in a Sunday School class with a precious group of children who are eager to learn more about Jesus? What about working with a bunch of active little ones on Wednesday night after RFN dinner? Could you rock a baby or play with a toddler in the Nursery one Sunday each quarter? How about helping to prepare our children for worshipping in the Sanctuary when they start second grade? If so, Children’s Church is the place for you! Contact Ann Knight TODAY to discuss the best place for you to serve!

What You Do Matters!

Jesus smiles when He sees your ministry.
You pass on faith and hope.
You help children find their voice.
You change the world – one child at a time.
If the Bible were still being written today, the writers would be writing about the likes of you.

Thank you for everything you do!

As you encourage a child’s faith,
you encourage your own faith.
You get to watch children become
friends and followers of Jesus.
Jesus is the author and finisher of your faith…
and your ministry.
Children’s fingerprints leave a mark on your heart.
Children are counting on you!