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Missionary Care Teams Forming

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I’ve got an exciting opportunity I’d like for you to consider. Did you know that we support 32 missionaries and/or missionary families that are serving in 18 countries around the world? Many of them are engaged on the front lines of evangelism and discipleship through sports ministry, church planting and business as mission opportunities. Others are involved in supporting front-line mission work, especially in the area of missionary care. 

God has called Rivermont to come alongside our missionaries to not only support their work financially (we give 22% of our church budget to missions), but to also support their work spiritually through prayer and care. To do that, I’ve created four missionary care teams, and I'd like you to be on one of those teams caring for one of our missionaries. These four teams will be centered around the following regions: North America, Africa/Middle East, Europe and Asia. My hope is to have every missionary we support paired up with a Rivermont member who will provide the needed care and prayer support. What will that look like? Here’s a brief summary of what a missionary care team member will provide:
  • Pray for supported missionary weekly.
  • Write a brief note of encouragement to supported missionary monthly, especially upon receiving a missionary newsletter or report.
  • Meet with regional Missionary Care Team quarterly to share reports/prayer requests and pray for missionaries.
  • Skype or Call missionary at least bi-annually (twice a year) to encourage them.
  • Send a card (digital/printed) or care package (if possible) annually to the missionary on his or her birthday.
  • If possible, visit missionary on site triennially. (I recognize that for most of us, this will not be possible)
Can you imagine having that kind of support in fulfilling one of the most difficult and challenging callings in ministry? Let me  tell you, it means everything. 
So I’m asking you to prayerfully consider signing up to serve as a missionary care team member. If you'd like to join one of our missionary care teams and provide care for a missionary (or have a question), please email Pastor Brett. Let me know if you have a preference for a particular missionary that you would like to care for. I will do my best to accommodate all requests.