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Lenten Floral Arrangements

This year’s Lenten floral theme is based on Isaiah chapter 11. In that prophetic passage, Jesus is pictured as a fruitful shoot that springs from the stump of Jesse.Last week’s unremarkable stump under the cross recalls that passage. The stump seemed dead and useless. As Easter draws near, however, watch the stump as it is transformed into the source of life and blessing.

Sunday, March 10 - Nothing. No flowers anywhere in the church. No plants. Empty. The Darkness of Winter. Christ is alone in the desert.

Sunday, March 17 - The stump appears in the Sanctuary where the flowers normally are, "the stump of Jesse" from Isaiah 11. In funeral/tombstone art, a stump is a symbol of a life cut down.

Sunday, March 24 - Vines and greenery begin to grow from the stump. A green scene small in scale will appear in Cheatam and on the mantel in Locke commons.

Sunday, March 31- Daffodils and almost-blooming branches will be added to all areas of normal "flowering" and the cross scene is on the verge of bloom. 

Sunday, April 7 - Purple is added and the whole scene explodes with the greening of Christ's approach, the promisies fulfilled.