Easter Week Worship Services


This is a significant week in the life of the global church as we focus on the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. We mark out these important events with three worship services.

Our first worship service takes place on Thursday, April 14th, at 7:00pm and is our Maundy Thursday service. Maundy is a Latin word that means new command and it marks out the new commandment Jesus gives to his disciples in the Upper Room the night he was arrested. That commandment was to love one another as he had loved them. It was also the night Jesus instuted the Lord's Supper, and so we include the celebration of the Lord's Supper in this service and invite all those who are baptized believers to partake.

Our second worship service takes place on Friday, April 15th, at 12:05pm and is our Good Friday Service. During this service we meditate upon the death of Jesus Christ upon the cross where he made atonement for the sin of the world. 

Our third worship opportunity takes place on Sunday, April 17th beginning with a Garden Service at 7:30am in the church courtyard (accessed through the Fellowship Hall) and followed by our regular worship services at 8:30am and 11:00am in the Sanctuary. During the service we rejoice in the resurrection of Christ with the words, "He is risen, he is risen indeed!" As you walk into the Sanctuary, you will be met with the sweet aroma of beautifully arranged flowers all over the Sanctuary and the sound of voices praising the risen Lord.

Parking...we have reserved the side parking lot, which is accessed by Rivermont Avenue, for our first time guests as well as those who are mobility challenged and pregnant or new moms.

Also, do let us know that you've attended by filling out our online connect card. If you do that we'll make a $5 donation to one of our local ministry partners you select.