God's Big Easter Story


What Is Holy Week?
Beginning on Palm Sunday, March 28, and ending with the three days that mark Jesus’ trial, death, and resurrection, Holy Week is a time to remember Jesus’ journey to the cross—and beyond.
A lot happens from Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem to his appearance outside his tomb. Reading these stories throughout Holy Week gives us a chance to walk with Jesus in the last moments of his life and to experience the miracle of his resurrection.
How to Use the Devotions
There’s no right or wrong way to use these devotions. For example, you could read one each day during Holy Week, adding a new symbol to the pathway each day to mark the progression toward Easter. Alternatively, you could combine some of the stories and read them over a few days. Or maybe have your children read a devotion and tell the story to the family.
Making the Symbols Set for God’s Big Easter Story
You can download the booklet or pick up a copy at the church.
Children Pre-K - 4th grade will receive a copy in Sunday School.