Cabin Fever - Excuse the Pun!

To Do list

Thinking about all of the families adjusting to life with schools closed. I've compiled ideas and suggestions of things to do to keep busy and productive.



Post #1 (3.16.2020)
Thank you to organizations like Scholastic for creating resources that can assist in continued learning.  They have set up a Learn At Home website. This free resource provides your children with 20+ days of exciting articles and stories, videos, and fun learning challenges.

Post #2 (3.17.2020)
I came across this creative sample schedule from Jessica McHale Photography that may help your family get through the next few weeks.
For more tips on adding structure and skill-building to home life during these uncertain times, check out this morning’s blog.
Schedule RESIZED

Post #3 (3.18.2020)
Stuck at Home? These 12 Famous Museums offer virtual tours you can take while sitting on your couch.
One word of caution, remember parents, with all art, there are some pictures that younger children might not understand, so I suggest previewing the tours before including the children.

Post #4 (3.19.2020)

Post #5 (3.20.2020)
13 Zoos that offer live streams - see giraffes, koalas, pandas, tigers, penguins & more
Enjoy this beautiful day! Have a great weekend!

Post #1 (3.23.2020)

Ball Game Idea For Children
Fun toddler activity and great way to use old boxes
A Car Parking Numbers Game to Make Learning Numbers FUN!
Fall toddler activity raking leaves

Genius Way To Keep Toddlers Busy
‚ÄźBusting Indoor Games
How many cheerios can you stack in 30 sec?
DIY laser maze kids activity
Shapes and Colors

For Parents
10 Tips on how to Survive a School Closure from a Homeschool Mom

Post #2 (3.24.2020)
The Big List of Children’s Authors
Doing Online Read-Alouds & Activities

Post #3 (3.25.2020) has a weekly newslsetter that is chocked full of ideas for families - crafts, books to read, places to visit - you get the idea.
Here's a note from the Publisher.
And a list of 101 Things to Do When the Children Are Bored

Post #4 (3.26.2020)
Cincinnati Zoo to start Facebook Live Safaris

Post #5 (3.27.2020)
Postitive Promotions offers FREE Resources for Parents/Caregivers and students

Post #1 (3.30.2020)
Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings

Post #2 (4.2.2020)
Calendar of Virtual Field Trips for Families- March/April 2020