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Bruton Parish - A Night of Worship

April 18, 2020

8:00pm – 9:00pm

Location: , Williamsburg, VA

Category: Music | Coordinator: Peggy Bettcher

On Saturday evening, April 18, our Sanctuary Choir will have the privilege of sharing our ministry in song at the Bruton Parish of Williamsburg, VA.  We will be the featured choir for their 8:00 pm Candlelight Concert.  Bruton Parish presents more than 120 recitals and concert programs annually in its Candlelight Concert series.  Instrumental and choral groups from all over the United States and other countries perform in this historic church, established in 1674.

Our aim is to bring to our audience the truths of the Christian faith through the scripturally-based texts of our twelve anthems.  As is our goal every Sunday morning, we trust that the Holy Spirit will use our music to invite those among us to enter into God's presence while bringing Him praise, glory, and honor for what He has done.  We aspire to lead others, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, into true, heart-involved worship.

Most of the choir's selections will be presented without accompaniment, but several will be sung with the parish's new Dobson pipe organ.

On Sunday evening, March 29, the Sanctuary Choir will present an identical program here at Rivermont at 6:30 pm.  Please keep the choir in your prayers in the coming months as we prepare for these two evenings of worship.