Phase 1 Sunday School Locations




Children Sunday School

  • Nursery (5 months-4 years old): lower level—Sign-up Genius
  • Pre K- First Grade: the third floor in room 301
  • Second-Fourth Grade: the third floor in room 304


  • Club 56 (5th-6th Grade): Discipleship Wing room 207
  • Youth (7th-12th Grade): Discipleship Wing Quinlan Room.


  • College Hour: Fellowship Hall large room. 
  • 20 Somethings+: Fellowship Hall rooms A and B.  
  • Adult Live Biblical Theology of Heaven: John Knox Room.
  • Adult Broadcast of Revelation: Discipleship Wing 206
  • Adult Zoom Ephesians, Amos, and Revelation: online
  • Adult Zoom 3/21 Ephesians, Romans, Beautiful Community-Chapel
  • Register for Adult Zoom at

Coronavirus Guidelines: 

  1. Attendees of Sunday Schools 5 and up will wear face masksin the Sunday School (We have masks available if needed).
  2. Those attending the Sunday School will be distanced six feetunless part of the same family unit.
  3. Parents will be required to drop off and pick up children promptly.
  4. Temperatures will be taken of childrenbefore entering the class. If running a temperature children will return with their parents. 
  5. For Nurseryage 5 months-4 years old, you will need to sign-up through Sign-up Genius. Toni Termotto will take temperatures on the lower level hallway by stairs, near double glass doors starting at 9:15am. Children may stay for the 11:00am service, but will need to signup for Nursery for the 11am