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Monthly Fasting and Prayer @ 12pm


Last August Rivermont (EPC) put together a prayer and fasting schedule for our church. Our June prayer and fasting focus was listed as: The Poor, The Hurting, and The Sick. There is no way that we could have known how relevant this need would be ten months later. Nevertheless, the Lord in His good and wise providence knew.

We are inviting not only our church but the broader community to please join us as we fast and pray on Tuesday, June 2. We will be praying for all those affected by the Coronavirus, as well as, for our nation as we grieve the death of George Floyd and the underlying racial tension and pain that it has exposed.

For a guide on how to engage in a 24 hour fast please see this link on fasting.

For an article on Racial Injustice by the EPC click here.