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Coronavirus Update #14 (7-2-20)



“Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! Praise the LORD!” (Psalm 150:6) 

Dear Rivermont Family and Friends,

With praise in our hearts, this Sunday we will continue to worship in the sanctuary at 8:00 and 11:00 AM and through the Livestream on-line offering. We also have two opportunities for spiritual encouragement: the weekly congregational prayer on Sunday afternoon at 4:00 PM and the monthly day of prayer and fasting on Tuesday, July 7.   

Corporate Worship with Communion at 8:00am and 11:00am

While remaining grateful that the Commonwealth of Virginia has entered Phase 3 of reopening, the identical services in the sanctuary will follow our established social distancing measures and require you to wear face coverings. Since we will continue to limit each service to 150 participants due to social distancing requirements, please continue to respond to the separate email for sign-up.

In the sanctuary, we will also embrace Christ at His table.  In each pew where bulletins will be located, you will find individual prefilled cups with soft wafers on the pew rack.  The instructions on Sunday will be simple: peel back the air-tight seal to eat the wafer; peel back the second seal to drink the juice.  As always, the pastor will invite us to eat and drink at the same time.  So, please wait for his instruction. 

Livestream Worship

This past Sunday, Rivermont EPC experienced a bit of history! We had our first official Livestream worship.  We are currently building a new Livestream Team along with supporting our existing Sound Team.  The Livestream and Sound Teams will labor in tandem on Sunday mornings to maintain quality sound in the sanctuary as well as proper support for our on-line outreach.  This ministry will be dependent on lay leadership capacity, which means, your labor of love!  Please reply to Janet Freshour by clicking here with your questions and/or willingness to give of yourself with two service opportunities. 

You’ll find three options to connect to the Livestream:

  • Visit our direct site by clicking here
  • Watch the service through the Rivermont channel on YouTube  by clicking here. If there are multiple guests on the website at the same time, the YouTube channel may provide the most consistent connection. If the YouTube channel has a preset to mute the sound, please be sure to unmute the service on the YouTube webpage. 
  • Access the Livestream option from the Rivermont website (  Under the RESOURCES tab, you’ll find options for on-line worship, the pastor’s devotional, Preparing for the Lord’s Day, Coronavirus Updates, and more.   

Prayer and Fasting

Each Sunday, you are invited to join the pastors for on-line prayer at 4:00 PM through the Rivermont by clicking here. On the website, you may also list your prayer concerns and needs. As Janet Freshour provides daily updates for pastoral prayer and follow-up, you may email also email your prayer requests to Janet by clicking here

On the first Tuesday of each month, the REPC staff invite you to join us for a day of prayer and fasting.  This Tuesday, our focus is the nation.  We often begin our fast on Monday evening right after dinner and end the fast with dinner on Tuesday evening.  We also gather by Zoom for an hour of prayer on Tuesday during the noon hour.     Please access our prayer time through the Rivermont website ( and join the featured event.  For helpful guidance and our schedule, please review our Fasting Handout by clicking here

We look forward to our time together with praise in our hearts.  May the Lord continue to bless and keep us! 

In Christ,

Pastor Ron, together with Pastors David, Brett, Mike, and Shane