May 4th, 2018 - Preparing for the Lord's Day

Preparing for the Lord's Day

Envy is at the heart of the sin in our passage for this coming Sunday. Envy is the emotion that we feel when we desire what someone else owns. It is when we break the tenth commandment, “Thou shalt not covet.” Korah was Moses and Aaron’s cousin. He and his family had been given the most prestigious religious duties in Israel aside from the priesthood. Nevertheless, this honor was not enough. He desired the one thing he could not have. Dathan and Abiram were leaders in the tribe of Rueben. This tribe was second only to Judah. Yet as the descendants of Jacob’s firstborn son they envied the leadership given the tribe of Judah. These men forgot all that they had been given and envied those who were given a little more. Yet what we will see is that their envy did not result in fulfillment but rather in disappointment and destruction. And what we will see is that envy will never deliver what we desire. Rather we must trust the Lord to give to each as he has ordained. To come prepared for the sermon take time this week to read and to meditate upon Numbers 16, 1 Timothy 2:5, Hebrews 7:25 and Westminster Confession of Faith 8.

This week we will celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper during our worship service. As we receive the elements of bread and wine we look in faith to the Lord Jesus Christ. For as we physically receive the signs of the Lord’s body and blood, spiritually we feed upon him and all his benefits. Our hymns for this week include “Give to Our God Immortal Praise,” “Jesus, What a Friend for Sinners,” and “The Communion Hymn.”


Sermon Discussion Notes