June 9, 2019 - Preparing for the Lord's Day


Preparing for the Lord's Day


1 Peter Sermon Series

In commenting on 1 Peter 3, John Calvin wrote, "How is it that we are overwhelmed with fear...unless because we ascribe to mortal man more power to injure us than to God to save us?" This week we will be talking about fear and in particular how we overcome the fear of man by properly fearing the Lord. The fear of man can paralyze Christians. It can keep us from obedience to God’s Word and from executing the mission God has called us to in this world. Why will we not serve downtown? Are we fearful of who might cross our path? Why will we not share the gospel? Are we nervous about the social repercussions? Why do we fail to reach out in brotherly love to other Christians? Are we fearful of their rejection? Surprisingly, the Christian life is to be marked by fear (1 Peter 1:17), but not the fear of man. And what we will see in our passage for this week is that by properly fearing the Lord we will be freed from the fear of man. To come prepared for the sermon, take time this week to read and to meditate upon 1 Peter 3:13-15a, Psalm 34, Isaiah 8:12-13, Matthew 5:11-12; 10:28, 2 Timothy 1:7, Hebrews 2:15, and Westminster Confession of Faith 5.7.

As we gather to worship the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit this Lord’s day, we will join our hearts in song, singing the Hymn of Praise "Come, O Come, Thou Quickening Spirit," the Acclamation of Praise "O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing," and the Hymn of Response "Spirit of God, Descend upon My Heart." Let us come to worship this Sunday prepared to hear God’s Word, to receive it in faith, to love and treasure it in our hearts, and to practice it in our lives that we may continue to glorify and enjoy Him!

If you’re going to be out of town this Sunday, let me encourage you to listen to the sermon online (usually posted by Monday afternoon) or you can download the REPC podcast, which will be delivered to your mobile device.

Sermon Outline

Text: 1 Peter 3:13-15a
Title: Freed from the Fear of Man

1. Every Christian must pursue zealous obedience. (v. 13)
2. Every Christian must endure righteous suffering. (v. 14)
3. Every Christian must have heartfelt reverence. (v. 15a)

Liturgical Note

This Sunday we commemorate the day of Pentecost. On this day we remember the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon the church fifty days following the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Note in the worship service the red paraments with the descending dove (signifying the Holy Spirit), the silent prayer’s focus on the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the hymns of praise and response. Also take a moment to notice the floral arrangement that has been especially provided for this Pentecost Sunday. Each of these elements have been selected to remind us of the wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit. You may want to meditate on the following verses to gain a deeper appreciation for Pentecost: Ezekiel 36:26-27; Joel 2:28-32; John 16:4-15; Acts 2:1-47.