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Preparing For The Lord's Day


Preparing for the Lord's Day

Missio Nexus: Where Life & Mission Connects

We begin a new summer sermon series this Sunday entitled "Missio Nexus: Where Life & Mission Connects." As a church, we want to be connected to God's mission where it is happening. And so over the next couple of months, we’re going to look at the people and places where God would have us connect our lives with his mission. We’ll look at connecting with his mission on the athletic field as well as in the neighborhood, the home, the classroom, the arts, the public square and the marketplace…all the places where we spend our time and energy.

For this Sunday, I'll introduce this series, by introducing a new motto that we have adopted. Actually, you may have already heard us reference it before. It’s on the teal shirts that many of us wore to the Easter Egg hunt. That motto is “In Rivermont…For Rivermont.” What we mean by that is this. We are in the Rivermont neighborhood and we are for the Rivermont neighborhood. But what does that exactly mean? Using Jeremiah 29:1-11, we'll see that it means a ministry of presence, a ministry of peace and a ministry of prayer in and for the neighborhood.

I'm grateful to have one of our elders, Eric Vess, assisting me this Sunday as he will be leading us through the service as we sing the hymns, "Tell Out My Soul, The Greatness of the Lord", "Behold The Throne of God Above", "Jesus Shall Reign"

Text: Jeremiah 29:1-11

Title: In Rivermont, For Rivermont


    1.  A Ministry of Presence in the Neighborhood 

    2.  A Ministry of Peace in the Neighborhood  

    3.  A Ministry of Prayer in the Neighborhood 

Sunday's bulletin