December 16, 2017 - Preparing for the Lord's Day and Bulletin

Johnathan Edwards once wrote, “Self-denial will also be reckoned amongst the troubles of the godly… But whoever has tried self-denial can give in his testimony that they never experienced greater pleasure and joys than after great acts of self-denial.” The third Sunday of Advent, we focus on the theme of joy. Yet we can often miss the biblical pathway to joy. We tend to think that joy comes when we have all that we want. Joy comes when we get the Christmas presents we were longing for. Joy comes with the Christmas dinner and the Christmas desserts. These blessings can bring joy in the moment, nevertheless, there is a lasting joy that only comes when we are willing to follow the path laid out for us by Christ. This Sunday, we will continue our Advent series by going to Matthew 13:44. Here we will see that lasting joy only comes when we are willing to deny ourselves for the sake of following Christ. To come prepared for the sermon take time this week to read and to meditate upon Matthew 13:44, Philippians 3:7-16, John 15:11 and Westminster Shorter Catechism #36. 

Advent Devotional:

As we celebrate the coming of Christ, we want to prepare our hearts in the scriptures, in prayer, and in singing.  Click this link in order to download the Rivermont Advent Devotional: Rivermont Advent Devotional