December 1, 2017 - Cupola Express

As we look to this coming Lord’s Day, we begin our Advent celebrations by looking at the theme of Hope.  Pastor Ron will be preaching a sermon from 1 Peter 1:3-9 entitled, “Living Hope and Great Mercy.”  In that sermon, we will see that we have been 1) born again, 2) to an inheritance that is 3) kept in heaven.  

            We will also enjoy the music of the season as we sing together, “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” “Joy To The World,” and “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” while the Choir offers a beautiful rendition of the hymn, “Of the Father’s Love Begotten.”  Our preparation for Advent is heightened as we gather around the table to celebrate the very reason that Jesus was born…that he might atone for our sins and clothe us in righteousness.  May we savor the fellowship we have in Christ as we celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. If you’re going to be out of town on the Lord’s Day, let me encourage you to listen to the sermon online (usually posted by Sunday afternoon) or you can download the REPC podcast, which will be delivered to your mobile device.  

Advent Devotional:

As we celebrate the coming of Christ we want to prepare our hearts in the scriptures, in prayer, and in singing.  Download the Rivermont Advent Devotional